Student Entrepreneur Challenge

February 13 – March 26, 2019

The Student Entrepreneur Challenge is a hands-on business learning opportunity for high school students on Whidbey Island. Teams of 3-5 students choose a product or service, write a business plan, market, and actually run a business for one week! Winning teams are eligible for scholarships, but all teams get to keep the profits of their business. In 2017, the four teams made over $6,500 in profit!


Welcome teams, and congratulations in taking the first steps towards owning and running your own businesses. These resources will remain open to you during the course of the competition and beyond. If there is any subject you would like additional information on, ask your team’s mentor or call the EDF at (360) 544-2440.


Small Business Marketing 101

Demographic Information

Pulled from the DemographicsNow tool through Sno-Isle libraries, the above PDF is a list of all major demographic areas for Island County. To get specific to your city, zip code, school district, etc, go to Demographics Now on Sno-Isle’s website.

Reports reference in the PDF can be found here:

Mosaic HH C11 Aging of Aquarius

Mosaic HH C12 Golf Carts and Gourmets

Mosaic HH E20 No Place Like Home

Mosaic HH E21 Unspoiled Splendor

Mosaic HH J34 Aging in Place

Mosaic HH L41 Booming and Consuming

Mosaic HH O51 Digital Dependents

Mosaic HH Q62 Reaping Rewards

Mosaic HH Q64 Town Elders

You can also use tools such as A to Z database to create a list of potential customers based on area, income, and interests, and use that to better go door-to-door for sales.

Other Resources

Sno-Isle Libraries Research Help Page

Your local library has built a page of easy-to-use tools and resources as you make your way through the Challenge! If you have a library card, you get access to all these and more completely free.

SBDC Podcast Series

The Small Business Development Center has developed a series of 3-5 minute podcasts on a variety of business topics that can give you additional advice on operating your business.

Online Interactive Business Workshops

Through a partnership with US Bank, the SBDC offers a series of interactive, multimedia workshops that are free to register and access. Workshop topics include developing a business plan, conducting market research, preparing financial documents, pricing, and advertising.

Check List for Going Into Business

Not all areas of this self-assessment will be applicable to your business in the course of this challenge, but it will steer your thoughts to some areas you might not know as much about, as well as giving you an idea on what to watch when you run a full business.


See below for more information on the judging criteria for:

Grand Prize Award

Continuing Business Award

Creative Business Award

Resources for Mentors

Many of these resources were designed for a different type of mentoring relationship than you will have with your team, but the information is helpful nonetheless.

Promoting Positive, Honest Communication with Your Mentee

Developmental Characteristics of 15-18 Year Olds

A Mentor’s Guide to Youth Development

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